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  • Ship Building Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solar Division
  • Footwear Division
  • Textile and Garment
The objectives that will maintain our vision in focus include but are not limited to the following:
  • Provide most of the logistics needs of the Ghana Armed Forces and other security services in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Produce items of strategic importance and value to the Ghana Armed Forces and other security services and Ghanaians in general.
  • Establish a centre of excellence for consistent and practical research and development in various aspects of human and socio-economic security needs of the country.
  • Export goods produced in excess of local needs.
  • Create an avenue for employment, not only retired military personnel but all others as well.
  • Undertake poverty alleviation programmes in support of the civil authority.
  • Identify emerging or existing threats to socio-economic, social and human security and address them appropriately.

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