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The Military High Command in consultation with the Ministry of Defence decided to establish a new department at the General Headquarters known as the Defence Industries Department (DID) last month.

This Department will primarily, give strategic direction to a duly registered limited liability company known as the Defence Industrial Holding Company Limited (DIHOC). This new company will be the vehicle that will carry out all the commercial production of selected items of strategic value to the military in particular and the nation in general.

The projects to be undertaken will dove-tail into the established manufacturing industries set up by DIHOC. The various projects to be undertaken will be in line with the CIMICSED Concept.We shall come later to the specific ventures forming part of the DIHOC.

DIHOC is solely a Ghana Armed Forces initiative and it is to be run by the Ghana Armed Forces. It has no direct relationship to Government. It is a private commercial entity. The company is expected to be the driving force and engine of the CIMICSED concept and we believe that it will additionally provide security of tenure for this intervention by the Ghana Armed Forces.


The DIHOC has been formed to separate these socio-economic activities we are engaging in from the core business of the Ghana Armed Forces. It is precisely to answer this need that the Defence industries Department (DID) has been established to provide that framework for the Ghana Armed Forces.

In order to direct this effort appropriately, correctly and more effectively, DIHOC is expected to serve primarily the needs of the military. Secondly, the company is expected to produce enough to meet the needs of local market.

As a start-up company and to meet the legal requirements for setting up a limited liability company, the first Board of Directors are the Defence Minister, in his capacity as chairman of the Board, the Chief of the Defence Staff and the three Service Chiefs with the Director Legal Services of the Ghana Armed Forces as Secretary. These appointment holders are not representing their individual persons but their official appointment.

Their responsibilities shall naturally devolve to their successors. It is expected that, as the company gains firm footing this arrangement will assume a more permanent status where the Board of Directors shall either be retired Service personnel or civilians.

At this juncture I will want emphasis that the role of the DID is mainly to provide that linkage with the Ghana Armed Forces. Therefore the Military High Command will not be involved in the day-to-day running of the company. The DID will therefore be the Ghana Armed Forces institution that will provide the policy direction, guidance and coordination that are required to ensure that DIHOC remains focused in its activities and mission.

DID, the only military person shall therefore be the Director General, in the person of Brigadier General Nii Armah Tagoe and a skeletal staff of serving and retired Service personnel as well as civilian employees.
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